stranger than fiction

church dances aren’t really my thing, so i never go, but i love what they stand for. they’re a way for young adults to get together in a clean, fun environment and meet new people on a friday night. it helps them stay “off the streets” and get into trouble, more more importantly it’s a place where church standards are set so there’s no pressure or temptations there.

i made sure to help decorate our church building, because even though i never really care to attend, i want to fulfill my church callings. also, they said there would be krispy kreme donuts ;) but alas, there weren’t any.

i heard it was a lot of fun, so mission accomplished.

you go, el do.

three months and I’ll be married.

what a crazy realization.

I’m very lucky to get married into the Egg family. They’re a crazy (huge) family, but they are so fun and wonderful people. 

About a month ago, I asked Bear’s aunts if they would be willing to bake cookies for the egg wedding. Of course they were all more than willing, and suddenly it became a competition deemed the Cookie War. Last weekend we had a big family event to have our cookie taste test!

I made my Paleo choco chip cookies that tasted AMAZING the first time I made them, but not this round… hah.

The cookie spread was INSANE!

So many helping hands! It was really exciting, and you should have seen the kids… they had a fire in their eyes waiting for the grown-ups to get first taste. 

After getting the 9’s and 6’s figured out, and reading some 9’s as 4’s WE HAD OUR COOKIE VOTES IN!

My cookies only got one vote (it was Bear), but it’ll still be making an appearance at the wedding. Other than that, there are going to be some pretty tasty sweeties!

Can’t wait!

we actually celebrated valentine’s on saturday, so we put our valentine pins on, which we decided would be an annual tradition, and set forth!

first on our agenda was the new lego movie!


it was SO funny! it definitely lived up to the hype. such a silly but hilarious movie. we watched it during matinee so it was packed with parents and their kids. kids are the funniest audience to watch a movie with. they just laugh at all of the jokes. i love their innocence and pure hearts.

after the movie, we went back home to eat the stew bear had made (and was really proud of) for lunch.


it really was delicious! he’s my little chef boyardee! can’t wait until we’re married. it’s going to be fun times in the kitchen :)

after that, we knocked out. we were pretty pooped, because it was dinner time by the time we left the apartment again! bear took me to this really yummy restaurant, urban solace. everyone was loving our valentine pins bahaha, and we got yummy biscuits, grass-fed burger, and i got some beef thing. i forget what it was, but it was delicious.

after that we got ice cream from mariposa, which i had been really wanting to try. i got mexican chocolate and it was yummy! it was kind of whatever ice cream. san diego really needs to get on that artisan ice cream and donut wagon. i need my kooky flavored ice creams asap.

the only foto i got of the two of us that day:


a valentine’s day pre-celebration

thursday night (the day before valentine’s) i stayed up until like 3:00am because I got caught up making my co-workers valentine’s. i baked paleo cookies and made a bunch of different heart pins for everyone. i caught up on all of my hulu shows, so it wasn’t too bad :)

besides, it was really fun the next day to see everyone kind of light up when i gave them their valentine’s. marisol got really excited! it’s the little things that make people happy, and it was just nice to get in the spirit of the holiday. everyone was so sweet and wore their pins the whole day. hahaha! valentine’s day can definitely be more than the commercial holiday society makes it out to be. it’s just a day to celebrate love and eat baked goods.

friday was valentine’s day and the start of a three day weekend. this meant there was traffic everywhere for hours. i start going crazy on my drives to san diego if i’m sitting in traffic, so i decided to watch a movie after work to waste time.

time was not wasted, because i went to see the new robocop remake! i thought it was a great and entertaining action movie. i screamed at one part… the only person in the theater to scream… so i must have really enjoyed it. i even got myself a personal pizza to celebrate ;)

after the movie, i drove to san diego to spend the weekend with bear. once i got there we exchanged gifts, and bear got me the CUTEST and really thoughtful gift:

he made me a little paleo snack package! he got me my favorite vanilla cocoroons, chocolate rooibos herbal tea, perfect foods bar, some probiotics. the best part was that he had made a batch of paleo cookies then rolled the dough up and decorated a little label for them so i can just pop them in the oven whenever i want. he also made me a chocolate almond milk kit that he decorated. he’s so cute and creative. 

valentine’s celebration continues!


eating clean is insanely expensive… one day i spent way too much on food…

$5 for my favorite juice. carrots, beets, and spinach never tasted so good.

$3 for an epic bar. grass-fed beef bar with habanero and cherry pieces. 

$35 for a bag of frozen wild-caught sock eye salmon. this was the worst/best decision i’ve made. i immediately had buyer’s remorse because i have a grocery budget, but it was my heart’s desire, so i bought it. and after i made it for my upcoming week’s dinners, i was pretty happy.

and i STILL had to buy my week’s groceries, so now i’m broke. i really only have a few items i splurge on each week: pasture-raised eggs, califia almond milk, and uncured bacon. 

paleo life is my favorite though. expensive, but worth it.

friday i got to go on a disney date with robyn! clam chowder bowls and radiator springs were on the agenda that night. so fun! we always have great talks, and I distinctly remember thinking how much I enjoy our conversations whether they have substance and meaning or are completely superficial and silly! can’t wait for our donut/sweets date!

the next morning was game day. preregistration tickets were going on sale in the morning, and i could NOT make the same mistake last year and end up in tears and ticketless. 

the wait was on.

and good things come to those who wait, because I GOT IN BEFORE THE TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT AND GOT 4-DAY PASSES!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! comic-con is definitely not the same as when I first went with my brother a few years ago. incredibly overpopulated now, but it’s still so fun! can’t waiiiit!

to celebrate, alex and i decided to meet in temecula to try this restaurant i’ve been dying to go to because they have a few paleo options!

ok, i’m obviously embracing “fat feb” with open arms. bear said whatever was a paleo dessert we were obligated to try it, so… we did! ;) we got two paleo chocolate chip cookie, banana bread with choco chips, and a brownie. i threw in a blueberry scone for good measure. everything was delicious! i’m so glad bear is an “all in” kind of guy and let’s be indulge in sweets here and there. 

after lunch, we said our good-byes, and i went on a mission to go to as many thrift stores as possible to get some glassware for the wedding. i spent too much money, but you know what the best part is? it wasn’t on a single article of clothing! it was just glass, BOOKS, and kitchen things for when bear and i are married (can’t help but want to shop for our apartment ;))

i literally bought 18 books.

what the.

granted, half of them are old school copies of the LoTR and narnia series (couldn’t say no), but some are classics i never read growing up, and some are just books that sounded fun. i’m excited to read those!

february has been a good month so far.

one time… in space…

there is nothing cuter on this planet.

there is nothing cuter on this planet.